The most common question asked of me “What does radio advertising cost?”.

In order to accurately answer the question of “how expensive is radio advertising?” We need to take a look at the factors around the campaign in question.

There are three major factors that will determine average pricing of the radio campaign.

  1. The size of the market(s) you want to advertise in.
  2. The ratings of the station(s) your radio commercial airs on.
  3. The time of day your radio ads are allowed to play.

Solid radio campaigns can be built on any realistic budget.

They key being “realistic”.

Small campaigns typically start in the $2000 – $5000 area in total in a smaller market, while large more expansive campaigns can easily run in excess of $10,000 in a large market on highly rated stations.

Q: What is the difference between these campaigns?
A: The amount of people you will be reaching.

The key to any successful campaign is reaching an individual frequently. You can have an incredibly successful campaign with an audience of 5000 people when the commercial is aired frequently. On the same note, you can have an incredibly unsuccessful campaign to an audience of 1 million people if the ad is aired infrequently.

Success of the radio campaign does not always equates to audience size, it equates to the frequency in which a set audience hears your ad.

What we do is identify what size audience can you afford to advertise to frequently.

If your budget supports airing to a massive audience on a frequent basis, we would explore options in that area. However if the budget does not support airing to a massive audience, yet supports advertising to a solid medium or even small audience on a frequent basis, we can build your campaign with these target audiences, and in time help you leverage the business that comes in from that starting point to eventually reach a larger audience (when it is financially attainable)


The details of a radio campaign that my fit you best will be determined by the market you’re looking to reach, how frequently you may need to reach them, and what the cost of airtime on the stations tend to be.

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I will make the time to learn about your situation and provide you with a detailed analysis and options estimate sheet to answer the question of “What radio advertising costs” for your specific situation – Free of Charge!