What Does Radio Advertising Cost in Orlando?

If you are thinking of advertising on the radio in Orlando, your first question is very likely going to be “What does radio advertising cost in Orlando?” We’re here to help you answer that question.

The cost to air a radio commercial in Orlando is based on many factors sounding the station(s) you want to advertise on, they include:

  • Popularity of the radio station
  • Ratings of that radio station
  • Time of day your ad airs
  • Size of total radio advertising buy
  • Length of radio commercial.
  • Time of year

The exact price you pay every time your commercial airs will depend on all these factors. You could pay as low as $25 per airing on select stations in off-peak hours (nights & weekends). Prime time hours (Monday – Friday 6a-7p) on top rated stations could cost as much as $100 or more to air a radio commercial in Orlando. When people talk about “radio commercial packages”, what they are really talking about is the total cost of all your commercial airings put together. This makes up the radio advertising package cost.

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