If you’ve never advertised on the radio before, it can be a bit intimidating. The first question most people ask is “does radio advertising work?”.

My answer is commonly “when used as directed, yes”.

Anything can be used incorrectly and produce unintended results. However, in most cases when direction is followed the results can be stunning.

does radio advertising workMany of my clients look at me as the “Doctor” of their advertising dilemmas. They come to me and describe a symptom or problem, and I help them create a solution to these ailments.

The equation to a successful radio campaign is quite simple. Air frequently to the same group of people and offer up a message that resonates with their needs and desires.

Let’s examine that for a moment.

“The same group of people”

This doesn’t always necessarily need to be massive group. The bigger… the better… IF you can reach that “bigger” group frequently enough. However “biggest” it is not a requirement to have a successful campaign. We need to identify what group or station you can afford to advertise on frequently and what time windows. If you are advertising to a medium or even small group of people on a frequent basis and your message resonates with them it can be incredibly profitable.

“Offer up a message that resonates with their needs and desires”.

This is another area of confusion and worry for most clients who have never done radio. What’s going to stick in their minds? What kind of offer is needed to get the audience to take action? Through some simple question and answers, we can help you identify the solutions to these issues. Then we can help you craft a commercial that has a very good chance of doing what it’s intended to do: bring in business.

If you need help creating an effective radio campaign or commercial to air in that radio campaign please contact me to the form below. I would be honored to help.